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Mental awareness.

I'm familiar with many places and many people I know; I see what most of my peers are going through. Their problems are pushed aside because of their age, sex, sexuality, or even the idea of them being a particular race. I want to spread awareness on these factors and help make a change of it. Mental health comes in different forms and ways. Many experience depression, anxiety, eating disorders, ADHD, and many other disorders. When many of our loved ones are going through these issues, it is important that we educate ourselves on the topic of mental health. There are many people who have misconceptions on mental health and perceive it to be fake. However, there are many each day who suffer from depression or anxiety, thinking that they are alone. We should create spaces where people are comfortable in expressing their issues and allow them to feel empowered. We should begin by spreading awareness on mental health.

Most of us women in tech are under the pressure of the world. From the outside, it looks easy, but it's much harder in 1st person. A lot of young girls in tech are put at unattainable standard Whether it is at home, school work, or just by social media. It puts this cloak of stress overall young girls and slowly deteriorates their goal and passion for being themselves.

I feel that unrecognized Autism or ADHD could be a factor that interferes with a lot of us. Many issues young girls or adults figure are either invalidated or feel they can't express it right without being judged just by having the stance of a woman in their position.

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